Philanthropy It all started in the beginning months of 2010 after the tragedy that hit Haiti

LELA'S Philanthropy

It all started in the beginning months of 2010 after the tragedy that hit Haiti. From the moment I began to carry out the act of giving I knew that I wanted to continue and get involved as much as I could. Not only did I want to do more, but I wanted to encourage others to have the same compassion as I did. With the help of people like you Lela The Pig has donated to a variety of different charities. With the right ideas and tools you can lead anything in the right direction. We must make a difference in the world because every person and every animal in every country needs love.

Salsa And Salsa "Full Circle" Events

Corporate Events
Bring your team closer in a refreshing new way. Through personal connections and team spirit Salsa and Salsa will guide your employees and have them explore their strategic goals and personal achievements. This exciting cooking and dancing event will increase teamwork and build morale while encouraging your staff to live and act to their highest potential.
Educational Events
Back to Basics. Encourage students to re-connect with peers and staff members in an interactive and unique way. Salsa and Salsa teaches individuals the art of making salsa and the art of dancing The Salsa. Our interactive event will re-establish the importance of the positive relationship between the staff and the student.
Special Occasions
Ole' !!! Make your special day unforgettable with Salsa and Salsa! This one of a kind event will surely add some spice to your party: Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Reunion Events, Weddings and more. . .
Sponsor An Event
The Dancing Chefs will assist you in hosting your very own "Fun" Raiser. All collected money will go to your choice of Charity or Cause. Be your own "Fun Master".