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LELA'S Philanthropy

What a great way to build that team spirit. Salsa and Salsa will guide your employees and have them explore their strategic goals and personal achievements. This exciting cooking and dancing event will increase teamwork and build morale while encouraging your staff to live and act to their highest potential.

Encourage Full Circle Events

Corporate Events

Corporate Events: Lead your team "Full Circle" - Employees will learn to identify obstacles and challenges while discovering a new threshold within their corporate structure. Guide your employees,by exploring their strategic goals and reaching personal achievements. The concept of our "Full Circle" approach,will naturally benefit your company. This event builds leadership in a refreshing new way. We want your employees to lead, encourage, live and act to their highest potential. "Full Circle" allows individuals to come together as a team through personal connections and team spirit.

Educational Events
Back to Basics. Encourage students to reconnect with peers and staff members in an interactive and unique way. Salsa and Salsa teaches individuals the art of making salsa and the art of dancing The Salsa. Our interactive event will reestablish the importance of the positive relationship between the staff and the student.
Special Occasions
Special Occasions: Break away from the conventional party and make your special day unforgettable with Salsa and Salsa"Full Circle" event planners.
Sponsor An Event

Sponsor An Event: The Dancing Chefs will assist you in hosting your very own "Fun" Raiser. All collected money will go to your choice of Charity or Cause. Be your own "Fun Master".