LELA took the lead after the Haitian earthquake in 2010


I was created in the port of Mazatl├ín, Mexico in 2010. Thanks to your enthusiasm and participation we have reached over $154,000 USD and counting! In 2020 we created our own Lela Literary Program. Your donations enable us to create, publish and donate books to children all over the world. (See ACT page).

Salsa And Salsa Takes The Lead

Join The Dancing Chefs in the #1 Cooking and Dance Tour in Mexico! Learn step by step how to create authentic mexican salsas, the traditional margarita, a frozen strawberry margarita and a special dessert salsa. Master salsa in four exciting and easy steps. Snack on your culinary creations with classic cheese quesadillas, chicken taquitos and fresh corn tortilla chips. Enjoy the all-you-can-drink: Margaritas, hibiscus iced tea and purified cold bottles of water! Take pleasure in The Original Salsa and Salsa experience at Mazatlan and Los Cabos admiring the magestic Pacific Ocean and Cozumel as our gorgeous Caribbean Sea destination, three of the most beautiful ports in Mexico!