" I love the Little Wave because it was both light and deep at the same time.I thought is was for children but discovered that no matter your age there is a lesson there for everyone"
Andy Gonzales
Inspiring and comforting, a reminder to keep moving forward.
Belinda Stephens

Project Lela

Turning a page in the life of a child

Project Lela is a creative collaboration by the Dancing Chefs from Salsa and Salsa.

Over the past thirteen years, your enthusiasm and generosity has raised more than $170,000 USD for charities around the world.
I started Lela in 2010 and hoped that one day we could find a special cause. Introducing Project Lela.."turning a page in the life of a child".
I wrote these stories about love, honor and respect to give your kids a fun moral outlook on how to navigate in this crazy world. Each book has that special moment of realization where the kids and adults alike can identify with their individual challenges.
Project Lela will donate a hard copy of The Little Wave written in Spanish to children in Mexico for every download sold.

I am personally so proud of our team and sincerely hope you will jump in and create a ripple effect with us through Project Lela.

Let’s do something awesome!
Ole, Leonique